Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone,
I have not been having the best of mornings. My son is in emergency, he has been there since last night. He also went on Sunday night. He is in terrible pain and they can't figure out what is wrong with him. Last night they ended up keeping him and they are arranging a consult with a surgeon. He has had ultrasounds, MRI's and catscans and they have not found anything. His white blood cell count is very high so there is something going on. He is in ALOT of pain. I hope they find something out soon. My husband and I were up there last night and I am going to be heading back up there in just a little while. Right now it is just a waiting game. Please keep him in your prayers.
I finished my book "Message from Nam" by Danielle Steele. I liked the book but towards the end it got to the point where I just wanted to find out the end result. (which is always the same in a danielle steele book but...) so I ended up skimming though the last 50 or so pages and got to the finish. I am half way through my new book it is "Sinners" by Jackie Collins. I really like this one. I have made a deal with myself that I will finish all the stacks of books that I have around here before I buy another book or before I go get any more from the library. I am a self admited book addict. I have books that have been sitting here for years that I haven't read yet because I keep getting more . I have 8 books that I have started but not finished, not because I didn't like the book but because I bought another and started it. So I made the deal with myself to get rid of the piles. I did manage to do it with the magazines! That was another whole mess there! I think I had 20 subscriptions and then I would still buy more at the stands. Bad huh? Well they would sit and sit and sit because I had so many I just didn't know where to start and I couldn't bring myself to throw any away before I had gone through them! While I was on vacation I managed to make a huge dent in those magazines. I only have one bag left and as new ones come in I sit down with them and go though them so they are not being added to the piles. It is starting to look much better next to my bed now! Not as many piles! I also have not renewed any of the subscriptions that have come up for renewal. That was tough. I am only keeping a few. The ones I really like, Runners World and Shape. Those are the ones I am keeping. The boys love Runners World too so that is a good choice, it gets read by three people.
Well I am off to the hospital. Hopefully I will get to finish my book. And then get to work on one of the others that I have started at some point! I pinky promise I can do this!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I guess we are going to be traveling down a new road now.  AOL journals is closing.  So sad.  I have made so many friends here and I will miss them if they choose not to blog someplace else.  I hope you all do choose to continue blogging someplace else.  If you do please send me the link so I can continue to follow you.  Here is the link to my new one.

Big day!

Today is the anniversary of Mom's death.  It has been 10 years.  It seems like yesterday in so many ways but in so many others it seems forever ago.  My mom and dad are the ones on the far right.  Her hair looks crazy in this picture! I hated this day for several years.  It was so hard just to make it through the day.  I honestly believe she hated how badly I felt every year on this day.  So four years ago she sent me a gift.  A beautiful, wonderful gift and his name is AIDEN.  Aiden wasn't due until November 7th (which is my birthday) so he came quite early.  He struggled for quite a few weeks in NICU but he pulled through and as most of you know he is the light of my life!
I still cry on this day.  I still struggle but I know she doesn't want me to.  I know she wants me to be happy so in just a few hours I will call that little boy up and I will sing Happy Birthday to him and he will talk to me and my day will be wonderful after that.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!!  Grandma loves you more than words can say.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Is it true?

Ok I am wondering.....if you consider yourself a democrat or if you vote democrate mean that you are not a Christian?? 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ok I admit it.....

I admit it.  I love love stories.  I know I told you all that I was reading a book and I just could not get into it.  I really tried to like it, I swear I did.  The book was a book by the name of "Magic Hour"  the author is "Susan Isaacs".  A murder mystery.   I know that the book is a good one because I did not want to put it down but I just could not get into it.   Just not my kind of book.  I read 130 pages of 450 page book and still was not into it.  I swear I tried but it just wasn't there for me.  So tonight when I came home I read a few pages and said  "this isn't me".  Set the book down and went and picked a book out of my pile (and yes I do mean PILE)  Hummmm....Danielle Steele....... I could feel the vibes of goodness (LOL) as soon as I picked it up...."Message from Nam" .......................I swear to you, I tried to reform.............I tried to love or at least LIKE  a different type of book but I am hooked........and I am only on page 17!!!  I must leave you all to go read.................

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeling better

Good Morning.  I am feeling better this morning.  I still have nothing resolved with my family but it is amazing what some sleep will do for your spirits.  I still have no idea what I am going to do about it but I do know that I am going to give it some time before I decide. 
I am working some crazy hours this week.  One of the supervisors where I work is off for a few days and I am covering.  I am working from noon till 10pm each day.  I do 10 hour shifts and have Monday's off but I normally work from 6am till 4pm.  This shift is much different.  I feel like I do not get anything done!  It feels like the only time I am home is when I am sleeping!  I am glad that is for only a few days.  If I had to work the afternoon shift for any length of time I would have to go back to working 5 days 8 hour shifts so that I could have some time during the day to get things done. 
This weekend Mark and I are going to the U of M game.  I am very excited about it.  We have season tickets but we have not been able to go to the first two games because of conflicts schedule wise.  We sold the first two games and now we get to go to this one!!  I am very much looking forward to spending some time with my husband.  We seem to be two ships passing in the night lately!   Life sure does get in the way of things sometimes.
We will be leaving for Talladega next week.  Thursday through Monday!!  I can't wait to see Linda.  Talladega is always so much fun.  (Nascar racing event for those of you that don't know!)  The only thing that I don't like about it is the drive.  It takes 12 hours to get there.  That is a long car drive.  Oh well it is worth it.  That is another 12 hours I get to spend with my husband alone right?
Well I need to get out the door and get my run in before work.  Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brain dead

I think my brain is on overload.  The last two days have been filled with stress and I just don't get it.   Sometimes family can drive you just about crazy.  I'm not talking about my kids either, cuz they do thier own little number on me, but I am talking about my brother and sister.  I still am not sure how the whole situation spiraled out of control so quickly.  But one thing led to another very quickly and harsh words were spoken, unfortunatly to me.  I didnt' deal well with it.  I am not sure how we are going to mend this one but it is going to take awhile.  Maybe, if ever.  Not sure at this point.  My brother is a very stubborn man and I am not sure it will ever get worked out.  I have cried for the last 24 hours about this and I can't cry anymore.  Who knows what will happen.  I just know that I am exhausted from the whole ordeal and am left wondering what the hell happened to make this all so crazy.
I wish I had some happier things to talk about, oh wait I do have one really happy thing.  I made another 247.00 at the bucket drive this weekend!  THat did make me very happy to get that email telling me that.  I am very excited about going to San Franciso for this marathon.  We are leaving on Oct. 15 and we are staying for a week.  We have lots of things planned for the week.  It will be fun and I am looking forward to getting away that is for sure. 
I am worn out I am going to go to bed and hopefully sleep much better than I did last night.
I do have one question for you all though.
How many pages do you continue to read into a book when it just isn't getting it for you?  I am on page 106 and am not sure I like this book yet?  Do I give up on it?  Just throw it out?  (that seems a so hard for me to do!!)  Or do I keep reading and hope it gets better???