Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am doing much better.  I guess I just needed some time to get used to the fact that Robbie was really going.  He really did go.  He likes it at his new place also.  I am happy about that.  He starts his new job next week so he will be working and having money coming in so I won't worry about him as much. 

Mark and I had a busy week and weekend.  I had to work Saturday and we had my sisters 50th bday party to go to Saturday night.  She had a very large party with lot of food.  They did the pig roast thing there also.  I had the chicken though.  So we got to eat and sit around and talk to lots of people again.  We went in the hot tub for the first time in quite awhile when we got home that night too.  Sunday we went to church.  I worked the book table.  We also went out to Outdoor Adventures.  It is a membership camping place. It was extreamly nice but we didn't buy a membership.  

Work has been very busy all week.  I have been running from the minute I walk in the door till the minute I go home.  I am glad that tomorrow is Friday.  Mark and I are going out of town Saturday morning.  We are going to my uncles 80th bday party.  There will be relatives there that I have not seen in years.  It is in Watervliet Michigan.  My mother grew up in that area.  My grandmother lived around there till she passed away and we went up there alot when I was younger.  It will be cool to see everyone again.  Aiden will be going also so it will be fun.  We are going to stop by Robbie's new house on our way home on Sunday and spend some time with him.  I am looking forward to seeing him and his new place.  He said he needs to clean.  LOL  He just moved there for goodness sake!  It should be interesting!

We had to take the camper in to have the air conditioning fixed.  Not sure what went wrong with it but they took care of it right away and we brought it home two days later.  Good thing it has a warrenty on it!  I am not sure when we are going back to the campground but I am sure it will be sometime next week.  I can't wait.  I love being there. 

Well time to cook.  Have a great night!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


This graphic is wonderful.  All full of color and happiness, which is what I need alot of right now.  I am not sure what is going on with me but I sure am not my normal self.  I think there is just to many changes going on around me lately.  I have been though many many changes in my life and I have always been fine with them.  I think I am having a hard time with all of these new changes is because I am not in control of them.  I always made the decisions before about the changes that were going to be made.  Now I don't have that control anymore.  The kids are growing up (as they should) and they are able to make thier own choices.  Manda (my oldest) told me that I just want to have my kids around me.  That is probably true.  My kids have been the only thing that has stayed constant in my life for the last 23 years!  It is more than that though.  I was working at the Fowlerville Fair the other day for the resort that I work at and I saw a man and woman there who had four little boys with them and it reminded me of when my boys were all that young and I was constantly chasing them.  I realized that those days were gone forever for me.  That bothers me.  I am not sad about getting older, that doesn't bother me.  I just wish that my time with my "little" boys and my "little" girl had been longer.  It went by so fast.  I didn't even realize as it went by that someday I was going to miss it.  In fact I wanted them to walk, talk, go to school, learn to drive, as fast as they wanted to!!  Now I sit back and take a deep breathe and realize it is gone for good now.  Yes I will have it with my grandkids and yes I love my husband and am really looking forward to the time that we will be able to spend alone together now but................I miss those little kids of mine.  I  wish I could impress upon parents who have young ones how important these times are but I know that they feel alot like I felt when I was in the midst of raising them....hurried, tired, worn out.  I guess I never really believed that I would get to the point where I would be understanding all those things my mother told me!!  LOL!!  I think each day I realize more and more the importance of slowing down and enjoying more.  I think I am getting way to sappy!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's Friday!!

Yep it is Friday night!  I am so happy for the weekend to be here.  This week was a rough one and I am looking forward to relaxing tonight.  Jeremy is on his way with Aiden and we are going to the camper to stay the night. 

The visit to Aquanis was awesome.  It is a private college so it is quite pricey.  It is over 26,000 a year to go there.  They have great programs for the students there.  They are able to study abroad at no extra cost for a certain amount of time.  They also have a low teacher to student ratio.  Much lower than one of the larger universities would be.  John still wants to check out Eastern and if he hears from UofM or State I am going to be in trouble cuz I know that is what he will want.  That will all depend on how well he does this year running.  Josh is right up there to and is training really hard this summer so he can get up there with John and be offered more also.  Aquanis offered us 18,000 in finincial aid/scholarship money.  That is alot.  That means that I would only have to pay 8000 a year plus books.  Room and board is included in that amount along with 18 meals a week or something like that.  I was a little stunned that they offered that much.  Mark was very happy with it!  LOL

I have an appointment with my Dr. on Monday.  I guess I will decide what I am going to do after I talk to her.  If surgery is something that she thinks I really need to do then I am going to do it and I think I am going to have it done as soon as possible and get it over with.  I have some things at work that I would need to take care of before I left and I would have to train someone to cover for me while I was gone.  This promotion sure makes it harder for me to leave without worrying about what will be going on there while I am gone!!  I worry about what  a mess things will be in when I go back.  When I took over the postion the department was horrilby messed up and I am just starting to get things to where they run smoothly, so it scares me! Oh well it will still be there when I get back no matter what!  Right?

Tomorrow is Jeremy's 21st birthday.  Tonight at midnight he will be 21!  That is just amazing to me.  I now have two children who are 21 or older.  Two children who are of legal drinking age.  That is actually scary.  I know he is going out tonight and tomorrow.  Mark and I are meeting him at a bar by where I used to live.  Not sure which one yet since he is not sure which one they will be at when we are ready to go!  I guess there is going to be alot of bar hopping going on.  Anyone want to join us feel free!!!  Robbie's birthday was Wednesday.  He turned 19.  That was very hard for me to not be with him on his birthday.  He seems to really like living where he is at though.  I still want him to come home.  I think he needs  his Mom still, he just doesn't know it yet!  LOL  I hate not being needed, can you tell?

I guess I better get off here and get my clothes packed for the night.  The campfire is going, Mark just called to tell me and we are going to the little bar/restrant they have at the campground for dinner.  And I am hungry so that sounds good.  Have a good night.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It took forever to get a graphic into my journal entry tonight.  This is not the one that I had orginally wanted but for some reason it would just come up with a red x whenever I tried to add something.  Oh well this one will do just fine for now.

I have not had a good week so far.  I had a pain in my left side Friday all day and I couldn't figure out what in the world it was so I just ignored it since I had a party to throw.  It didn't bother me to much on Saturday, I was to busy to care.  Sunday it was bad and Monday at work it was even worse.  I made a dr. appoinment to find out what was going on!  She sent me straight to the emergency room.  Seriously not what I wanted to do with my evening.  I was there for 10 hours!  I have had problems (female things ya know) for years.  I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago but they left my ovaries so I wouldn't go into menopause.  Four years ago they had to take the right ovary because scar tissue had wrapped around it and it was painful.  Well guess what happened again to the left side now???  I do not want to lose this ovary.  I do not want to go into menopause.  I do not want to be in pain either.  UGH.  I am so sick of having all this medical stuff happen to me!   Sometimes I feel like a hypocondriac.  They sent me home with pain meds and told me that I needed to call my gyn asap and see what she wanted to do about it.  I didn't call today.  I am still deciding if I want to live with the pain or if I want to go though menopause.  Neither choice is what I want. 

Tomorrow (well I guesss it would be today now)  I am taking John out to Aquanis college to discuss the scholarship offer they are giving him and to see the campus.  We will be meeting the cross county coach also.  Although I am very excited for this opportunity for John I am scared to.  John and Josh are my babies and the thought of them leaving is about to drive me nuts. I am still having a hard time with Rob being gone and I think he is mad at me for calling him 6 times today to see how he is!

Sometimes being a Mom is really hard.  I don't want to let them go but I don't want them here forever either.  Wow I am having alot of mind battles today!  I think I need to go to sleep and try to think about everything with a clearer head.  I know my problems seem trivial compared to what others here in jland are going though and I am sorry for whining!!!  Have a great night

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wonderful weekend

Robbie's party was great!  There were alot of people  here.  He had tons of friends here too.  I have seen my family more this summer than I have in the past two years!  I will be with them for the next three weekends also.  At least the rest of the parties are not at our home.  I am tired out on having parties here!  The next big one we have here will be John and Josh's graduation next summer.  Then I will be done with graduation parties for six years.  Mark's daughter is alot younger than my kids so we have a long stretch in between before she graduates.

The weather was beautiful  yesterday.  Everyone had a great time on the boat and just sitting around talking.  There was so much food it was unbelievable.  Mark and I were up late Friday night cooking away.  We made mostocolli, tuna macaroni salad, potato salad and another pasta salad that has tricolored spiral noodles, hard salami, red onion, broccoli, and chesse all mixed up with italian dressing (yummy) We acutally had a great time in the kitchen cooking together.  20 pounds of potatos takes a long time to boil, peel and chop up!  But all the food was great and Mark and I had a good time together.  We also ordered chicken and we picked that up Saturday morning along with the cake.  I was very pleased with the cake! 

The fireworks were here on the lake last night also.  They were very good again this year.  We had to take both boats out this year cuz there were still so many people here.  Once the fire works were over all the kids were leaving so the adults (Linda and her girlfriends! LOL) were all sitting around the fire talking.  We were also doing shots of grape pucker.  Yea I didnt feel so well this morning and neither did any of my girlfriends!  That will be the last of my alcohol drinking for quite awhile.  Takes to many weight watcher points to have even a few beers.  I think I forgot to say that I joined weight watchers.  My weigh in days are Thursdays.  I lost four pounds last week.  I am scared to find out what I GAINED this week from the party.  I will have to be extra good for the rest of the week if I wantto keep it down!

Today was soooooooo hot out.  Jeremy came out with Jessica and Jackie and Jackie's BF.  Jessicas mother came also.  We were on the boat for most of the day.  The kids all tubed, knee boarded and skied.  They had a great time.  It was much cooler on the boat then it was anywhere else outside.  I acutally went tubing today to.  I love tubing but I hardly ever get the chance cuz the kids all hog it!  I went with Jessica's mother, Lori.  It was fun.  After we did our tubing Lori and I decided to get our floats and just float in the water while Mark continuted to take the kids out on the boat.  It was very relaxing.  I came in the house and got all the leftovers from yesterday out and everyone came in and ate.  They were all starving.  I even invited the neighbors over.  Karen (my neighbor) is gone to her brothers wedding, but will be back tonight so I invited Gordie and the kids over to eat so he could take the night off of cooking!  He looks a little worn out from taking care of the kids by himself since Thursday!  I was happy cuz I got rid of alot of leftovers!

This picture is of Jeremy and Jessica.  The one at the top of the entry is me and Lori and Robbies cake.  I have no idea why it put the picture up there!  Well it is getting close to bed time for me.  Work tomorrow........

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Robbies Party

Today  is Robbie's party.  Tomorrow he leaves for Holland for four days to get everything straight with his job.  Two weeks after that he moves to Holland.  I am not ready.  Wasn't he just born last week???  How can my baby move away?


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Back to work

What a wonderful time we had camping.  The new campground was marvelous.  They did all kinds of things for teens and kids.  They divided it up, kids over 13 and kids under.  They had different movies and hayrides for the different ages.  The ones over 13 went on a hayride after dark and they also got to raid the park store.  It was pretty cool.  If you can get your teens to enjoy stuff then you have got it made!  Aiden came out for two days with us and he sure enjoyed himself.  They had these bikes that the kids rented, Kristen rented them everyday cuz she was able to ride Aiden on them.  They were bikes that you sit down in.  I have a picture that I will post of them somewhere.  Saturday night they had a HUGE bonfire.  I mean this thing was BIG.  They had a corn roast too.  Everything was free, well included with your camping which was only 25 a night.  When you have four kids (three teenage boys and one 12 year old girl) that isn't so bad when you get so much free.  All the pop and snacks were free at the movies too.  The movies were free also.  I thought it was a great deal and I throughly enjoyed myself.

Now it is back to business.  Back to work tomorrow.  And the big party for Rob on Saturday.  Mark and I went shopping for that today.  We got all the food and drinks for the party.  Manda and her boyfriend are bringing out the tent tomorrow and we pick up the table and chairs on Saturday morning.  I am happy that this is  the last party for us this year.  I am burned out on parties.

Here are a few pics of Aiden on the slip and slide that he loved so much!  Not sure why they are so small but oh well you can see him.  I will add some pics from camping tomorrow.  I need some sleep to get ready for work tomorrow!