Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I love this band.  We just saw them this past summer with Mark's sister and her husband.  I was listening to them today on my way home.  This was an outside concert and it was good.

Our very first concert

One of the first presents that Mark gave me was tickets to a concert.  I been talking for weeks about a concert that was going to be coming to town.  Mark had only heard one song by this person. I on the other hand knew them all.  One of the songs that she sang is my all time favorite song.  When I was going though my divorce, this song was all I listened to, literally over and over again.  It seemed to speak to me!  I really just wanted wings and a way to fly away.  Mark gave me the tickets to the concert inside a card.  I was so excited when I opened that card and saw those tickets I thought I was gunna pee my pants!  Like I said I have dragged Mark to lots of concerts that he didn't have a clue about who the person was.  It turned out that he knew quite a few more songs of Annies than he thought he did and he really liked her concert.  I hope you enjoy "Little Bird"  I no longer want to grow wings and fly away but I sure do still love to put the cd on and dance away in the living room!


This concert was AWESOME!!!  One of my favorites I am sure.  I have loved Journey since high school!  Mark likes this group too so it was concert that he was actually able to sing along to! This is my favorite song of theirs.  I remember just singing it out loud with the windows down flying down the road in my vega............yea a vega!

Concerts....Melissa Ethridge

I was thinking the other day about the concerts that Mark and I have seen together and the fun that we have had when we have gone to them.  I decided to write a little series on the concerts we have been to.  This song is by Melissa Ethridge.  I love Melissa.  I have for years.  Mark and I went with my old boss and her partner and my friend Suz and her partner to see Melissa in Royal Oak.  It was a small venue and we got to sit quite close to the stage.  It was an awesome concert.   I don't think my husband appreciates my love of music at times but he is always more than willing to share an evening with me and just enjoying our time together.  I wish Melissa would come back to Detroit again sometime soon. 

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The camper is out of storage and in the driveway!!!  YEAH!  Mark is working today but as soon as he gets home we will opening it and washing it and getting ready to go camping.  This week is going to seem really long.  Friday after work we will be going camping.  I hope the weather stays nice so we will be able to have a good weekend.  Maybe if we get it all done tonight we will take it to the campground tomorrow.  You just never know.  We are all so ready to go camping.  It was so nice out yesterday, sunny and 80.  Perfect.  It seemed like such a long winter this year, I am more than ready for warm weather. 
Tuesday I took John (one of the twins) to Eastern Michigan.  He really liked it there and has decided that is where he is going to go to college. He signed up for his fall classes.  He goes to orientation for 4 days,  It is over Labor Day weekend and then they start classes on the 3rd of September.  Josh is going to go to Grand Valley State University.  His orientation is July 21st.    His classes will start on August 25.  It is all coming so quickly.  Thier graduation party will be June 28, the acutal graduation ceremony is June 15th.  It is all going to be so much fun.  And a little sad. 
I still have a little bit of the funk left with me but it is getting better.  I am making myself get out there and do things instead of just sitting at home and thinking about all the changes that are going to be coming for me.  I have found a few new things to get involved in so that when the boys are gone and I don't have to run to track or cross country meets or basketball games or cook and clean every night, I will have some other things to do already in place.  Who knows I might just really learn to enjoy not having my kids around 24/7.  Might take a while to get used to but............ we shall see.
Aiden is here this weekend.  He is coloring a picture and watching cartoons right now.  He is in need of a little nap but doesn't seem to want to slow down so I am having him at least slow down for a bit.  Maybe he will fall asleep while he is coloring!
I think that I will go lay down on the couch for a bit and see if he lays down with me.  A nap just might be good for both of us!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


For the last week or so, I have been tired.  Not tired from not sleeping, cuz I have slept AlOT.  I have gone to work and all but as soon as I get home I am done.  Yesterday I did not do anything I should of done.  I acutally never even got out of my pj's.  I laid on the couch or laid in bed all day.  And yes I do mean all day.  I did manage a shower at around 9pm, put on clean pj's and went to sleep.  Not a good thing.
Today I wanted to do the same thing.  I made myself get up at 8 and take a shower.  Then I made myself go to church.  Things are not good with me when I am making myself go to church. Normally I love going.  Not lately.  Now I am making myself do laundry and write an entry here.  I need to get out of this funk.  I don't like funk.  I hate it as a matter of fact.
So I am going to make some stew for dinner tonight.  I am going to do the laundry if it kills me.  I am also going to the Y to work out and then I am going to go to Borders to get the book for work that I should of gotten during the week.  Then I will let myself sleep if I want to again. 
I wish I knew what was wrong with me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cold again

Yes the weather was so wonderful this past weekend that we put the dock and the boat in the water!  Saturday there was still ice on the lake but by Sunday morning it was gone.  As soon as the ice is gone it is a race to see who (which house on the lake) gets thier dock in first.  My husband loves to be first.  Our neighbor was out there putting his in right after he saw us out there but ours got in first.  We has extra help over to get it in though so I am not sure how fair that was!  We also put my paddle boat in the water and I took it for a little ride around the lake.  It was wonderful! 
Now it is COLD again.  The winter coat had to be put back on this morning.  I was so sad.  There better not be any ice on that lake again!!!

I was tagged!


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I was raising five kids on my own, having a really rough time with life.  So glad things are so much better now!


1. Go to borders

2. Get some things to pack lunches

3. Go in the hot tub

4. Run

5. Go to Lean class


potato chips


Send me and all my kids to college.  Pay for Aiden's schooling.  Luekemia and Lymphoma Society would get alot.  Not sure what else I would do.


bite my nails.  Like to be in control


Michigan, Michigan, Michigan


Burger King, H&R Block, Receptionist, Supervisor, Coordinator


Any one who would like to do this!