Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cold again

Yes the weather was so wonderful this past weekend that we put the dock and the boat in the water!  Saturday there was still ice on the lake but by Sunday morning it was gone.  As soon as the ice is gone it is a race to see who (which house on the lake) gets thier dock in first.  My husband loves to be first.  Our neighbor was out there putting his in right after he saw us out there but ours got in first.  We has extra help over to get it in though so I am not sure how fair that was!  We also put my paddle boat in the water and I took it for a little ride around the lake.  It was wonderful! 
Now it is COLD again.  The winter coat had to be put back on this morning.  I was so sad.  There better not be any ice on that lake again!!!


imgr8phil said...

That's a very pretty place to live, right on the lake.  It will be warm for good soon.  Take care and  have a great weekend.


lv2trnscrb said...

kind of like competition for seeing who in the neighborhood will be the first with the Christmas lights, LOL; I bet its fun to wonder who will be the first one to put the dock/boat in water!

that's not fair its getting cold again, but I remember those times from Montana; one day beautiful and then a cold spell again

we're due for high 80's here tomorrow through the weekend


princesssaurora said...

LOL  I hope the ice stays away!!!

be well,

cvgflydis said...

Spring loves playing "Pee-A-Boo".........Same here in KY for us.......70's all week and dropped last night, will continue to drop through the next few days. Sad, because, everything is in bloom, and it's going to get close to freezing temps tomorrow night.
How great is it, though, living on the Lake? I'd be on a boat all summer long!


ekgillen said...

FIRST~it's like yelling shotgun for the front seat! :)