Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Concerts....Melissa Ethridge

I was thinking the other day about the concerts that Mark and I have seen together and the fun that we have had when we have gone to them.  I decided to write a little series on the concerts we have been to.  This song is by Melissa Ethridge.  I love Melissa.  I have for years.  Mark and I went with my old boss and her partner and my friend Suz and her partner to see Melissa in Royal Oak.  It was a small venue and we got to sit quite close to the stage.  It was an awesome concert.   I don't think my husband appreciates my love of music at times but he is always more than willing to share an evening with me and just enjoying our time together.  I wish Melissa would come back to Detroit again sometime soon. 


lv2trnscrb said...

this was an interesting song, Linda, with interesting graphics; I hope you are doing okay


stetsonsfyre said...

Cindy and I both like Melissa, the thing is we both prefer the OLD Melissa, when she first became popular (or even before the popularity really) lol.  Hugz** Teresa