Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve

What a wonderful night we had.  The villa was totally awesome.  We had so much food it was crazy.  The snow didn't start until after midnight but when we woke up in the morning, OMG!  We got every inch they said we would plus some!  There was 15 inches of snow on the ground this morning.  Yep we had to dig ourselves out!  It was so pretty!! 

The two buildings you can see in the background are the lodge (to the left side of the picture) and the hotel.  The lodge is actually closed for the winter but the hotel was open and full last night.  I was standing in the driveway of one of the cottages to take this picture.  No you can't see the driveway ! Our friends stayed in the cottage and I had forgotten my camera there when I left the night before and I had to get it cuz I wanted pictures!

Just a couple a shots of the inside of the villa.  It had a bedroom downstairs and one upstairs and one bathroom.  It was very nice and cozy.  I would definatly rent one of them again.
So we have spent the entire day digging out our driveway and getting cars unstuck in the neighbor hood.  Mark also headed over to his parents to dig them out.  Not sure if there is going to be school tomorrow or not yet but I am kinda doubting they will get the back roads clear enough for busses that quickly.  We shall see!  Have a great one.


stupidsheetguy said...

Well that sure was a nice place to spend the evening. I like the look of it, cozy and warm. I guess a pile of snow isn't so bad when you don't have to rush off anywhere.
Glad you had a nice time :)

lv2trnscrb said...

looks beautiful! so glad you guys had a good time! nothing like a good snowstorm :)


imgr8phil said...

It looks like a beautiful place.  Glad you had a great time.  Hope the rest of the year will be as good.


princesssaurora said...

Wow!!!  Just gorgeous!!!!!  I wish we had that snow!!!!!!!  Happy 2008!!!

be well,

ekgillen said...

How fun!!!  Glad you had a good time!!

princesssaurora said...

Hey girlfriend?  You okay???  

Just thinking of you...

be well,

pixiedustnme said...

gosh it looks nice there!  lovely with all the snow.....thank goodness you didn't have to shovel til ya got home!