Friday, August 1, 2008

Wow I didn't realize that it had been that long since I had made an entry in my journal!  I guess that means that nothing exciting has happened around my house.  That probably isn't true but I have no other excuse.

John and Josh are getting ready to leave for college.  Josh leaves on the 14th and John leaves on the 20th.  It is coming up fast.  I am not sure I am ready but I know that I don't have a choice.  Getting everything they need and taking care of all the financial aid forms and all the stuff that goes with that sure does take alot of time!  I think we now have everything in place for both of them though.  I hope!

We have been staying at the camper alot.  We just brought it home this past week (Monday) and I am enjoying my time at home.  I love the camper but after two weeks I am ready to come home and stay there for awhile.  We won't be taking the camper back until the 14th.  It is "girls" weekend.  Only girls allowed at the camper that weekend.  We will bring it home that Sunday (the 17th) but will take it back up there on that Tuesday (the 19th) and it will stay there for at least two weeks after that.  I will be on vacation the last week of August so it will be fun. I can't wait.  Ineed one!


lv2trnscrb said...

lots of fun events coming up, Linda! I bet it will be a sad one when Josh/John leave for college; but they will have so many fun adventures and when they come home, they'll have much to share!! its hard to have them leave the nest :(

I like the idea of a girls' only weekend at the camper! sounds like fun!!

enjoy your weekend; I hope you are doing as well as you can


linnpooh said...

Hi Linda,
Just dropping by to say hi & to reconnect now that I have a computer again! Oh, I so understand about kids going off to's so sad. But, it's also rewarding to see them grow into responsible adults (yes, it WILL happen...LOL!!!!) Your "just the girls" camping trip sounds like a lot of fun....hope you enjoy yourself.

Thanks for all your support since the fire, it has meant a lot.

Pooh Hugs,

stetsonsfyre said...

Just try to take it easy ok? Everything will be fine :) Hugz** Teresa

ekgillen said...

A girls weekend...I am so there!!!

marainey1 said...

I remember well those days of college and all the prep work.  My children were all so close in age that it seems like it was an endless endeavor for many years. Thankfully that is behind me now.  My camper sits permanently parked to we don't take it back and forth at all.  2 full weeks of vacation sounds heavenly.  I can only do long weekends as I work in a one gal office and have to be in to pay the bills and do payroll which really breaks up the week. Somehow your alert didn't come through on this entry so I've reset it and hope it now works.
'On Ya' - ma