Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally an update

There that is much better.  Josh, Kendall, Kaleigh and John.  That was right before they left for the homecoming dance.  They all looked so nice.  I am having such a hard time with senior year, for the last time!  I cry at the drop of a hat!  I guess since the twins are my babies it is feeling really final.  Its a good thing they still need thier mom as much as they do, or they at least pretend that they need me!!

Life has been so busy the last few weeks.  Lots of things have changed for me.  Good changes!!  I know that I had written a few times about the surgeries that I was having.  Well I had the first one on the 17th.  It went well.  They took some biopsys.  I got the results of those back yesterday.  They were able to tell what is wrong with me from that.  Which is a good thing because it means that I do not have to have the big surgery to remove adhesions because they are not what is causing me my problems.  I don't want to go into details about what they found but it isn't cancer so I was very thankful of that.  It is a disease that I will need to take care of for the rest of my life with diet and such but I can handle that.  I might even lose some of this extra weight that has seemed to pile on in the last five years.  That would be nice.  I will also have to have medication for some time, not sure how long, but that to I can handle.  So there was a little bit of bad news in there but I don't have to have the big surgery and for that I am grateful.  I am also grateful that we finally know the extent of the damage that that little bugger bacteria caused, which is good to know so it can be fixed.  So over all I am happy about the outcome of my health at this point. 

The really big news that I have that has be so happy is this.  I was offered a new position.  It is at a new hospital.  It is a significant raise in pay and it is closer to home.  The hospital is the University of Michigan Hospital.   I have wanted to work at this hospital for years.  It is such an awesome place.  Just huge.  I never thought that I would be able to work there since it was so far from my home.  But when I moved to Marks house when we got married I was much closer to it that I was to the hospital I have been at.  I have been at my current job for 22 years.  Yeah long time. But this new job is sooooooooo exciting to me.  I have been there twice to check it out.  They let me get scrubs on and go all over and check all the departments I would be working with out.  I was so excited about it all.  The job itself is going to be a huge challenge, which is probably the biggest reason I took the job,  I have been so bored with the routine of my current job that I really wanted something new.  I am so happy that I got this job.  I start on November 12.  My last day at my current job is November 7th.  I can't wait to start.

Other exciting news,,,,,,,,,,tomorrow is the big regional race for John and Josh.  It is going to be a good one.  This race determines who goes to the state finals.  Top 15 individuals go to state and the top three teams go.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying extra prayers in both catagories.  We have some excellent runners on our team.  I am hoping the team goes and some individuals.  I will let you know tomorrow.



pixiedustnme said...

Wow!  So much going on!  Sounds like most of it is really good and that is a great way to get over senior year blues.  I promise, I'll be there with lots of Kleenex to help you out :-D

crazybabygirl716 said...

Congratulations on the new job! I bet it will be exciting, and is definitely a change compared to 22 years at one place! I'm excited for you. I am also glad that you didn't have to have that surgery, and I'm happy that it looks like you will be ok! Hope things continue to keep going well!!

lattedah711 said...

Congrats on you promotion.  The picture of the kids is adorable.  :)

On another note:  It's Trick or Treat thru J-Land.
Trick or Treat!  Stop by and say BOO!      Tracy

my3gifts said...

Congratulations on the new promotion/or is that simply new job?!!! I'm praying for you as the tears flow with the milestones of your boys this year and as you prepare for empty nest, I know you're step daughter is still young, but I know she's not there 100% of the time and when the boys go off to college it'll be an adjustment.

What a praise on the results! Let me know how else I can pray for you.

God Bless

marainey1 said...

Just a note to say thanks for the comment in my journal 'Good Morning Sunshine' I'll be putting your journal on alerts so I'll be back to visit again.  We can share our camping stories come spingtime.  'On ya' -ma

princesssaurora said...

OMG... you have so much going on!  I am so happy that you are okay... it sounds like endometriosis... my mom had that.  Praying for you...

Enjoy the new job and congrats!

be well,