Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Night

Yep there is my Dale's car.  Nope he didn't win, but damn I love him anyways!! 
I have to tell you............we had the most awesome time.  I can't wait till next year to go back.  I always have such a great time with Linda when I see her.  It seems like forever in between.  We saw each other three times this year.  VERY RARE.  It is usually only once a year.  I miss her so much.  We have been friends since third grade.  I wish she would move back or we could move there.   Mark gets along so well with Linda's husband, Colin and of course there is no describing how Linda and I get alone.  She is "my person" !  For any of you that watch "Grey's" you will understand that!    But she is the person that has been a part of my life almost forever and I love her.  We have our birthday party at Talladega.  We exchanged gifts and we just plain had fun.  I will have to take a whole long entry to try to explain the fun that we had.  Mark and Colin sure put up with alot of silliness when thier wives revert to 12 year olds for the weekend!  LOL  I can't wait till next year.

Are we not the silliest looking girls??  Our hats are the same, they came from our bottles of coconut rum.  We found drinks online this year from  The one we liked the most was called, PB Breeze, it was awesome.  As if you can't tell from the way we look in the picture!!  We even had "the circle" going.  That means that only Linda and Linda can come into the area we are in.  I dont' think I can even explain that one.  Mark and Colin were a little confused too!
The race was awesome though.   I was a bit upset that Jeff won the race though.  He came from no where!!  GRRRR!!  I did remember Phil though while I was there and made sure to take a few pics for him.  We had some Tony fans camping next to us and I had to take a few pics for Phil to see what true Tony fans look like.  What do you think Phil???

Gotta love those race fans.
And then of course our seats were directly across from Tony's pit so I got a pic of his car for Phil.

The thrill of Nascar! 


crazybabygirl716 said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! Thanks for commenting on my entry. I appreciate it... I'm just going through some really tough and crazy times right now, and the support you give always helps... you've been commenting for years now... your almost like a second mom that I never actually thanks! Thanks and Love ya for always being there for me!

imgr8phil said...

I'm glad you had a super time in Talladega.  Our those parties as intense as I have heard.  Thanks for thinking of me with the Tony pic.  I like that van that you took the picture of as well.  Have a nice Sunday.


ekgillen said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!!! :)

princesssaurora said...

You two gals look like you are having a blast!!!  I have a 'person' and I don't see her as much... but more than you see yours... so I will be grateful!

Glad you enjoyed your time together!!!

be well,

lattedah711 said...

You are so lucky.  Looks like a grat time with great weather.  :)    Tracy

bookncoffee said...

hey look like you are having lots of fun.  I like to revert to being 12 too with my friends.  So much fun!!!!
I'm sure the race was fun too.  I have never been to any race like this.  I used to be a Jeff Gordon fan at one time...back when he was with Brooke.  I hardly follow the races on TV anymore.  But it was fun for a while.