Friday, November 30, 2007

Road trip

Good Morning!  I love being able to wake up and have a little bit of down time before the day starts.  I have the day off today so I have some extra time to just sit and go though journal alerts and enjoy them at a nice pace!  Seems I also have time to post and entry!  Amazing!
Today I am taking Josh to Grand Valley State University.  He has a tour and a meeting with a counslor and with the cross country coach.   It should be very exciting.  He is acutally thinking about going out of state also though too.  He could get more scholarship money from and out of state school than from one here in Michigan so we will have to see what all happens with that.  He really loves Grand Valley though and he hasn't even really checked it all out yet.  He has gone to a meet there though and loved it. 
Tomorrow is going to be fairly busy for me.  I have to work in the morning and then we have a Christmas party to go to in the evening.  I am looking forward to the party.  My boss at my job that I left is the one who is having it and I am looking forward to seeing everyone that I worked with for so long.  It hasn't been that long I know but I still miss them all!  It should be an enjoyable evening.  She has this party every year and it happens to be the party that Mark proposed to me at.  Yes he did it in front of my boss and all my coworkers!  They were all in on it though!  LOL!  So the night has an sentimental meaning to me also. 
I love my new job.  It is a huge challenge and I am just getting to learn my way around everything.  It is awesome though.  It will be a few years of major changes for that area in the hospital but it will be so worth it in the end.  Everything that they are putting into place will make things there run so much more smoothly.  Lots of grumbling will be heard while getting it in to place but once eveyone learns the new systems they will see how much easier it will make thier jobs. 
Well I guess it is time for me to jump in the shower to get ready to go.  I will let you all know how the trip went.  Have a great day!


marainey1 said...

Have a great day.  It is cold here, but the sun is peeping through!  'On Ya' - ma

jckfrstross said...

have a great trip:)


siennastarr said...

Linda.. what do you do in the hospital, if you don't mind me asking.  I'm sure you have told us before, but I'm old and forgetful! lol


ekgillen said...

I am so glad to hear you really are liking your new job! :)

princesssaurora said...

I hope it goes great!!!  Keep us posted on the college stuff!

be well,

crazybabygirl716 said...

Sounds like you're doing well! Hope the christmas party is fun!