Sunday, December 9, 2007


Here is Josh, this is the day that we went out to visit GVSU.  I have to say that it is by far the nicest college that I have visited.  Josh fell in love with it.  He really wants to go there.  Amazingly it was the cheapest college we have looked at also.  So  unless he gets an amazing scholarship offer this is the school that he will go to. 
The day there was great.  I did finally get to meet Kelly.  Kelly, it was a pleasure!  The picture of Josh is taken at the restarant that Kelly, Josh and I went out to eat at.  The food was great!  Josh had this club sandwich that was HUGE.  He couldn't even finish it, which shows how big it was cuz Josh can eat ALOT of food!  I can't wait to go back and visit more of Grand Rapids.  Josh has a race there sometime in February that we will be going up there for also.  I am  hoping to be able to stay the night there so we can check out the city a little bit while we are there.  But that will all depend on what day the race is.  Keep your fingers crossed that it is a Friday!  Or at least a day that he has off of school the next day.
Mark and I have been doing tons of Christmas shopping.  We are almost done, I am happy to say.  Usually we are running around the last week trying to find everything.  This year we are trying to get it done so we can avoid all that stress involved with doing it at the last minute.  Five of the six kids are done and the other one is more than  half way done.  We have bought for all but one of our friends.  We still have to get his mom and dad and something for his nephews.  We should be able to finish that up today. 
My last entry was a wonderful rant on how disgusted I am with the weight I have gained.  I really am upset with myself for allowing myself to get this heavy.  I sat down the next day and wrote up myself an action plan.  That plan involved a running schedule (my last marathon was in April of 06 and I have not run since then, shame on me)  it also involved finding and joining a gym again.  The other item on the action plan was working out an eating program.  I called around to a few gyms and found one right by where I work, it is actually owned by UofM and I joined it.  It is only 20 a month for employess or students of the university.  Can't beat that.  I also found that the hospital has a weight loss program.  The new session starts in January and I have joined that as well.  I am really looking forward to that starting.  I am going to start going to the gym before that starts though.  I know that I am terribly out of shape and need to get myself under control.  I am going to be posting some pictures of myself from 5 years ago, and from now, in my next entry.  You will see why I am so disgusted with myself.  But then I am going to take pictures monthly after I start to see my progress so I won't get discouraged!  (hopefully!!)  I am hoping that by May I will be able to compete in another marathon.  I just have to decide which one I am going to run.  I am going to be researching that too!  So wish me luck!
I need to go fold another load of clothes.  Mark should be home soon and we will need to get out and get shopping!  Have a great day.


marainey1 said...

Those college days are wonderful, but they sure do by fast and before you know it they are all grown up and out on their own.  Enjoy the next 4 or 5 years ahead.  I always had 2 or  3 in college at one time and at 3 different schools too...what fun we had...on the go about every weekend.  Of course we started out with one and added another year by year.  Good luck on the shopping.  I am done now and wrapping.  'On Ya' - ma

lattedah711 said...

Josh is darling.  Hope he gets in to GVSU.  (and its cheaper - NICE!)  Sounds like you are on a mission to lose weight.  It takes this kind of ambition to get it done.  You can do it.  :)    Tracy

my3gifts said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Kelly, isn't she great! I love her!! Sadly I haven't been to GR, but plan to when I go back to Michigan!! That's great about you being so proactive in your healthy/weight loss!

God Bless

pixiedustnme said... WANT to run in another marathon?  Are you crazy woman?  ;-)  Now you're making me want to change my class schedule next semester so that I have a 2 hour break which would force me to get my fat butt over to the gym.  And just remember; next time you order the potato skins there - make sure to order them without lettuce! (because really?  lettuce? on potato skins?  somebody was obviously on drugs the day they thought of that recipe) :-)  I can hardly wait for February to get here.  We can sit on those really uncomfortable bleachers.  I'll sneak in some spiked hot chocolate - we'll be good to go!

princesssaurora said...

Wow... look at you!  That is an awesome deal... $20 a month!  You rock!

be well,

stupidsheetguy said...

Good luck with the college search, not easy! Glad you had a good day though, in the meantime.

Now get with that plan and stick with it :)

ekgillen said...

College exciting!!! :)
I am sure you are feeling a bit better with an eating plan set up!  Good luck!!