Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Well I am on a countdown now.  My marathon is Saturday!  I am so excited about it.  I will be leaving on Friday afternoon to drive up to Traverse City.  The whole team (Leukmia and Lymphom Team in Training) will be meeting at 6:30 for the big pasta dinner.  That is always alot of fun.  They have honored heros there that speak.  Get ya crying and all pumped up about running 26.2 miles the next day!  If anything is gunna get you pumped up for that it is the honored heros.   We have to meet around 5am Saturday morning to go to the race start and the race starts at 7am.  Later that evening is the Victory party.  That will be alot of fun also. 

We took our camper up to the camp ground on Saturday also.  Mark no sooner got it all set up and a big wind storm blew through.  It ripped the awning off the camper and blew it up on the roof.  Mark thought for sure there was going to be a hole in the roof but there wasn't.  Still have to get new arms for the camper though.  That is going to cost quiet a bit but at least it didn't rip it or put a hole in the camper.  The parts for the arms of the awning should be in this weekend so I am sure Mark will be fixing that on Sunday.  The camper looks naked without it up!!

I am really looking forward to having a three day weekend.  Everyone will be at the campground for the holiday weekend.  I will be coming home from the marathon either Saturday night or first thing Sunday morning, depending on how I feel!  We are having some family come to the camper for a bbq on Monday.  I am hoping that is isn't to warm for the marathon but it can be hot all the rest of the days!  Nothing worse than running in 80 degree weather.  When we were in Florida a week ago I was running in the heat there and it was HARD!  I hope it isn't in the 90's on Saturday!  I would feel like I was back in Florida!  I will finish no matter what it is like though! 

Well I am off to do some laundry.  Talk to you soon.


lv2trnscrb said...

sounds like a fun weekend, Linda, hope the weather cooperates for you; I know in Montana we always had cool Memorial Day weekends; we can only hope the same for your marathon day!


imgr8phil said...

Hope all goes well and that you have a good time this weekend.  Take care.