Friday, May 16, 2008


Well life has been very busy around here.  Mark and I went on vacation to Florida to visit our friends and we had a wonderful time.  I think we took our vacation at the perfect time because things are going to be crazy around here for the next few months.  The twins had thier senior prom.  They had a great time but it was a little sad for me!  They looked very handsome though. 

We have also been making all the final arrangements for college.  John is all set with his apartment at Eastern.  I paid the deposit yesterday and him and his room mate will move in on August 10.  I guess we are going to have to be hitting some sales to find things for them to use in thier apartment.  If anyone has any furniture or dishes they no longer want, let me know!

Josh will be all set to start at Grand Valley in August also.  We are not totally sure of the his move in date yet since he will be running on the cross country team and he may need to move in sooner.  Josh will continue to come home on breaks and summer vacations but John will not.  His apartment is not a college dorm so he will be living there year round.  That is very sad for me since I know he won't be coming home to live anymore after that.  At least I will still have Josh coming home on breaks, that is unless he decides to go stay at his brothers apartment.  Which is huge possibilty since they are going to miss each other a great deal.  They have not been apart from each other for more than 5 days in thier entire life!  They have shared a bedroom for 18 years.  I wonder how they will do? 

Robbie is also going to be moving out with in the next few months.  He has purchased a truck and that will be on the road today.  Probably already is since he got off work at 7am, he probably ran directly to Sec. of State and got all the paper work taken care of.  He works midnights at Kroger.  He seems to like it.  He had been looking for a house to rent with two of his friends and they have found one.  I think it is available in July or August but he said it may be sooner if the people who are there now find something where they are moving to sooner than that.  So we shall see.  I be helping to furnish two places at once.  Josh will be on campus so he doesn't need to furnish the dorm room much.  It comes with beds so he won't need to worry about that. 

Graduation day is fast approaching.  The boys are done with school on May 30 and the graduation ceremony is June 15.  Thier party is June 28.  So a busy few months and then the calm will hit.  I will have two rooms that will be basically empty.  What will I do?  I am sure I will figure out something fun!

I guess I have rambled on enough for now.  Be back soon.


lv2trnscrb said...

((((Linda)))) so many changes!!! I feel for you; you are having 3 leaving basically at once; I so totally understand all the emotions you are feeling and I just had one leave; but the Lord has something wonderful for you in this next chapter of your life; you just have to be willing to follow where he wants to take you (I'm trying to do the same, LOL); this didn't catch the Lord by surprise and I know he will watch over your boys like he is watching over my son; we'll just keep praying for them; they all will do fine.

when my son moved out, we basically gave him all extras we didn't need; it was amazing how many extra spoons we had, towels, pot holders, etc. I gave him a set of dishes that he and his sister had picked out (because I told them that they could) years ago when we needed some more; I never cared for the design, but he loved them so I figured he might as well take them and I could get now what I wanted, LOL. Garage sales might be good places to look for things; also the dollar store if you have one is a great place to get all those little things you need but have to spend a fortune on, like cleaners, sponges, etc.

it is an exciting time for them; we have to let them go, as hard as it is

hugs to you; we will get through this :)


imgr8phil said...

Glad you had a good time on your trip to Florida.  It does look like you have a lot of things on your plate right now.  Take care and have a very nice weekend.


marainey1 said...

Your boys are so handsome!  I can relate to your soon to be empty nest...they just grow up and leave so quickly. Some time passed before I really could even begin to adjust to it.  They do however keep me busy in many other ways now especially with the grand'babes'.  You've awhile yet before that, but it will come too.  It's great that you have a camper to enjoy.  We can share our camping tales.  
'On Ya' - ma

krmprm said...

Just passing through.  Saw your link at Ma's.  I just wanted to
say, "What great looking young people you have in your life!"
I miss that youth and vitality so much at times,  even though
it may seem to drive you crazy at the time.  An empty nest
is no fun.  At least some of them will be left with you.  God
bless this generation and all they have to face in life.  Pray
that everything goes well for them, and you too.   Pat

princesssaurora said...

They are gorgeous boys... how will they cope being away from each other?  Hang in there mom.

be well,

gilliebean72 said...

Your boys are gorgeous!! :)
How are you going to handle not having them around? :)