Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Day

Today I got all the laundry done!  I am totally amazed.  The boys just need to put it all away.  I also got the floors in the kitchen, dining room and entry way cleaned today.  So I am feeling pretty good about the way the house looks finally! 

I did sit down around 3 and put in a movie (from netflix, I think I really am going to like this service)  it was "The Lakehouse" with Sandra Bullock.  I really like her.  She is very pretty.  The movie was very different than I had thought it was going to be but I did like it. 

Did anyone watch the season finale of Gray's Anatomy last night?  I was so dissappointed in the way it ended.  None of the story lines ended the way I thought (or wanted) they would.  The only good part of the whole thing was that the Chief and his wife seem like they are going to be back together. 

Tonight we are going out wih my brother in law for a little while.  We are going to a bar that is in the campground where we camp.  It is alot of fun there and the prices are really good!  Mark is leaving to take his father up north in the morning.  He has a cabin that needs to be opened up and Mark is going to help him.  I am not certain if they are going to end up staying the night or not.  His father doesn't want to but Mark thinks they should stay the night.  It is a long drive, but if his father wants to come home I am sure they will be coming home! 

Well I need to go get ready to go out.  Have a great day.


ekgillen said...

I watched Grey's last night and was extremely disappointed!  I can't believe Burke & Christina didn't get married!  I can't believe they left the Meredith/Derek drama so blah and open and was that supposed to be her sister at the end?
Anyway...have a great weekend!

pixiedustnme said...

I totally didn't get the ending either!  and they were so vague about everything!  I mean, did George NOT pass his test, is that why he was being so evasive?  I only saw the last 40 minutes - Princess was NOT being cooperative about going to bed.  Ah well, sounds like I didn't miss much :-D