Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good morning

Well I am up and have had my coffee and shower and am ready to go to the dr's to find out what is new with this mess of an immune system this week.  Hopefully everything is back to normal and I can resume my normal life!  Acutally my life has been normal except for not being able to work!

The picture is of my grandson Aiden and my son Jeremy.  I just love these two!!


nhd106 said...

Hi Linda!
Thanks for visiting my journal.   Yours is nice as well.   We are around he same age and I am a wife and grandma.   I'll be back.

Nancy : )

ashleekr said...

What is wrong with you?  Are you sick?????

siennastarr said...

Linda.. are you sick?  What's up?  This is the 2nd time I've read about your health, and I'm just concerned.  I pray all is okay.

Nice picture!  Thanks for sharing!  


bookncoffee said...

Hope all went well at the doc.