Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Night

The time is almost here!!  Remember when the kids and I bought Mark the tickets to Talladega for his bday?  It seemed like such a long time till we got to go when we gave him those tickets but here it is less than a week before we leave.  Mark and I only have to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week and then at 4am on Thursday morning we leave for Talladega!  I am so excited.  I will be having drinks with Linda (best friend since 3rd grade who now lives in FL) by 7pm on Thursday night.  A little earlier if traffic is good all the way!  I can't wait!

Today was Aiden's bday party.  I have pics that I took but I have not had the chance to sit down and upload them and to be honest I am to tired to find the camera and hook it up right now!!  I can't believe that that baby is 3.  Well acutally tomorrow he will be.  Aiden's bday is September 30.  Tomorrow I will put some pics of him on here and I will tell you the wonderful story of how I became a grandma and how I felt the day he was born! 



pixiedustnme said...

gosh, so much going on!  Hardly worth it to go to Florida with the great weather we're having here though!  And really, you're not old enough to be a grandma ;-)

my3gifts said...

Wahoo!! Count down time!! :) Have a great time and I expect pictures! :)

crazybabygirl716 said...

hope you enjoy your trip!