Sunday, September 16, 2007

Whole lot to do today

I just love this picture.  This picture is taken from my bedroom window.  I heard the balloon out there, it is what woke me up the morning that I was to be baptized.  It  made that day even more special.  I haven't seen any of them this summer.  Last summer they were coming by alot but not this year and I miss them.

Today I have alot to do.  There is lots of cleaning and laundry that needs to be done.  I am determined to get it all done today.  I will have to have the help of my kids but I am sure that we will be able to accomplish it. 

Yesterday was a great day.  John and Josh ran awesome.  Josh managed to break 17 minutes!!  He was so excited and of course so was I.  John had already done that but Josh had not so he was happy.  I can't even image running 3.1 miles in under 17 minutes. Now Josh's best time is 16:45 and John's is 16:26.  Both of them will be beating those times again this year.  I have a feeling it is going to be a year of broken records for those two.  The whole team is doing amazingly well.  We now have four boys that have broken 17 minutes.  Only two of them are seniors (figures it is my twins!)  so next year they are only going to get better!  Coach was beside himself with happiness!  We took home a trophy!  Love it!  I am sure I will be going to some races next year to see how the boys are doing. 

Kristen cheered at the football game last night and she did an awesome job.  All of the girls did.  The boys did lose but the girls kept cheering them on right till the very end.  I sure do miss coaching those girls but I knew that if I coached them this year I would miss most of John and Josh's senior cross county year.  They don't like thier coach this year though and that makes me upset, I don't want them to have a coach they don't like.  Oh well maybe next year. 

Well I had better get off here and get started on mycleaning!


my3gifts said...

That picture is absolutely gorgeous! Jacob was standing here beside me and thought it was really cool! ;) WTG to both of your boys for breaking 17 I just can't imagine absolutely insane!
That's too bad that Kristen doesn't like her cheer coach, I hope if you feel led you can do it again next year!

I hope you get all your chores that you want to get done, done today!!

God Bless


pixiedustnme said...

what a gorgeous picture!  Glad everything went well in the sports department...sounds like they are all going to have a great year!

jckfrstross said...

great news on the race times keep it up boys:) have a good week


princesssaurora said...

Great pic!  Sounds like your sweet daughter is going to have a good year too!

be well,

crazybabygirl716 said...

The picture is beautiful! Great news about your kids!

gosso23 said...

How cool! You have a great view. I would love to look out my window and see that. Congrats on your boys doing so well with running! YOu must be proud. I was a cheerleading coach for a while too. It was hard to give up, but it freed up a lot of time for me. Take care,