Saturday, August 11, 2007

1   What's your favorite movie???

Probably my favorite is "Terms of Endearment"

2    What's your favorite color???

Light blue

3    What's your favorite ice cream flavor???

Haggen Daz Vanilla Swiss Almond

4    Where do you want to go on vacation??

Bora Bora and I want to stay in one of those little huts over the water that have a glass bottom living room.

5    What's your favorite animal???

My cat.  Diva

6    What's your favorite T.V. show???

Brothers and Sisters

7    What's your fav. drink???


8    What's your favorite flower???

Pink roses.  I love the smell of them

9    What's your favorite pet???

My dogs are going to be so jealous but Diva is my favorite

10   What's your favorite book???

I love Danielle Steel books.

This meme is for Dawn's little girl.  She made it up so play along and send a comment to Dawn to let her know you did it so her daugther can see!


princesssaurora said...

Thank you, Linda, for doing my meme!  Your cat Diva sounds great!  I like blue too, it is my second fave color, Purple is #1.  

Love, Pumpkin  ps... what are your dogs names?

Thanks Linda!!!

be well,

nightmaremom said...

great answers!