Friday, August 10, 2007


I am so happy that it is Friday.  The week went by really fast but I need a break from work for a few days.  By Friday I am usually dragging around cuz I am so tired.  I wish I didn't have to get up so early each day.  I wouldn't like to stay at work any later than I do though so I guess i willl just have to suffer. 

Tonight I have no plans.  It is just going to be a quiet evening.  We have the camper at the campground but I don't think we are going to go there tonight.  Mark has a golf outing tomorrow and I have a jewlery party.  Lia Sophia.  I love thier jewlery and am looking forward to getting lots of free jewlery!!  If any one would like to come feel free to drive on over and join us.  Just remember to bring so suit so we can lay out on the boat after the party is over!  There are quite a few who I know are going to be there so it should be fun. 

On another not so good note.  My dr. called me about the results of the ultrasound that I had a few weeks ago (she was out of the county so it took awhile to get back to me)  I am going to have to have surgery for sure.  I go into the office to have a consult with her and a general surgeon on Thursday.  I will know before I leave that day when my surgery is going to be.  I guess I will be having some time off and will be able to play on the compter a bit more for awhile.  I guess that is one good thing about it! 

Aiden is going to be at our house tonight also.  Jeremy picks him up at six and they should be out there shortly after that.  I am looking forward to seeing that little boy.

Sorry so short but I gotta run some errands be back later.


pixiedustnme said...

well that's hardly enough information!  surgery for what, why....and when's the party, gosh i don't have a thing to wear ;-)

siennastarr said...

Yeah... what Pixiedust said.. lol


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Am gonna go back and see what I missed about having surgery!  I will be keeping you in my thoughts and where is this party!..>LOL...I am tired too..hope you enjoy soaking up the sun!  Hugs,TerryAnn

crazybabygirl716 said...

Thank you for commenting! You're so sweet, for always keeping in touch with me even when I fall off this journaling wagon... I'm hoping for the best though... I'm going to try to stay motivated and journal as much as possible, and also thank you for the support and going along with me! Hope everything is alright with the surgery, and I hope you enjoyed Aiden this weekend! Take care, and I'll be keeping in touch! :) love, arriel

ekgillen said...

Hope you had a great weekend.
Am hoping for more detail on the surgery soon...

stupidsheetguy said...

Hi there. Hope you had a good weekend, sounded like you could use a nice quiet, relaxing one! Did you get to lie out on the boat?

Keep us posted on the medical situation, ok? I'll be thinking of you.