Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here is John and Josh on thier 18th birthday!  They were so funny at thier party!  Look at these two, I can't believe they are going to go to different colleges in just a few months.  I don't think they have been seperated from each other for more than one night in thier lives!  I just hope they do ok.

Here is me and Linda in Flordia.  We had such a good time together!  She had no idea that I was coming to see her.  Her husband, my husband and I arranged it and it worked out perfectly!  It was so good to see her.  It was in the 70's while I was there which seemed like heaven since it is has only been in the teens, twentys and thirtys here!  I even took a pic of her husband mowing the lawn because I haven't seen a lawn mower in months!  I got to see her brothers and her sister.  I haven't seen her brother Danny in 12 years so it was cool to see him!  We went the beach one day while I was there and there were lots of people already out there in thier suits tanning and swimming!  I was amazed cuz I didn't think it was warm enough to go in the water but I guess it was.  It was a great trip and one that I think I am going to have to make more often.
I made a big decision right before I left to go on vacation though. I decided that I need to quit my 2nd job.  I have been there for over 2 years and I orginally started working thier so we could camp for free there.  Lately it was a huge burden to go to work there after I had finished my job at the hospital.  I never had enough time to workout or do much of anything.  So I decided to quit that job.  Thursday was my last night there.  I was very happy yesterday morning when I didn't have to get up and go to work and be able to do my laundry a little slower.  I could divide it up over a few days instead of doing it all one day.  I am sure that I am going to enjoy it alot more this week to!  I am going to be able to work out more often and have the time to do it consistently.  I am looking forward to it! Maybe even more time to journal! That will be nice!
Well I am off to the gym now.


lv2trnscrb said...

Linda, such cute picture of your boys; I would imagine it will take some time for them to get used to living "separate" lives in college with a period of adjustment, but I'm sure they will do fine, after all, you are their mom :)

I liked the picture of you and your friend; isn't it neat to pull off surprises like that and get a wonderful vacation in a warm climate too??

wise choice to quit that second job; more time for you to do what matters to you seems like a great thing to focus on

enjoy your work out :)


imgr8phil said...

Looks like everyone was having a good time in the pictures.  Keep yourself in an upbeat mood and have yourself a good Sunday and week ahead.


whatafinegrl said...

OMG they are adorable! That is something to be proud of right there!
Good for you in taking more time for yourself and quitting your job!
Take care and have a great week

princesssaurora said...

WOw!  Look at the boys!  Handsome young men!  Glad you had fun and good for you quitting the other job!  

be well,

cvgflydis said...

That's great that you had the chance to visit, and in WARM weather!
Great pics!


ekgillen said...

Great pic of the boys!!!!!
Looks like a fun time in FLA!!!