Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord.  I have my grandson and my son in my house together with all of us tonight. 
As I sat in court today, with my "muslin" with He has Risen inscribed on  it (from church on Sunday) and just worrying about how this was all going to turn out, I prayed.  I didn't pray that we get everything we wanted, I just prayed that what was right and just as far as Aiden is concerend be done. 
The judge dismissed all allegations against my son.  Protective services said there was no evidence of abuse going on anywhere.  Mother's home or father's home, Praise the Lord.
The orginal order of visitation was upheld and we have my grandson here tonight.  We are a happy family.
Doing eggs before Easter.
Daddy and Aiden. 
Thank you Lord for holding me up today.  Thank you for watching out for my grandson and doing what is right for him. 


princesssaurora said...

Your son has probably grown up a lot thru all of this!  I am so happy, so relieved... glad everything is 'right'.  Aiden has a loving dad and whole family on your side and he should always be near you!!!

be well,

imgr8phil said...

I'm so happy for you both.  I wish I could have experienced this sort of joy in my endeavors with the court.  Enjoy the time with your grandson and son.  Take care.


lv2trnscrb said...

I'm crying as I read this, Linda!! THANK YOU LORD!! I prayed that the truth would come out and that the judge would be sensitive to know the truth and that the Holy Spirit would go ahead of you there. THANK YOU LORD!!!


linnpooh said...

Oh Linda!!!! God is good!! I prayed and prayed and prayed for this outcome....I just asked God to let the judge see the truth, and He did!!! Oh, I'm so very happy for all of very happy :)

Pooh Hugs,

ekgillen said...

Great pics!!  I am so glad everything worked out!!!!

whatafinegrl said...

Thank heaven!!!
I am so glad.
God does answer prayers

bookncoffee said...

So glad things went well with court.

mjgm1954 said...

I think that you really love your grandson because you prayed for what is best for him and not for what your own needs might be.His mother needs to be as loving to her son as you are being.
When I  divorced my husband who was in the airforce I was told that I had to inform him of any moves of location. It was his responsibility to either visit them or pay their way to visit him. When I remarried an army man I was obligated to tell the father if we got relocated. Military obligations supercede other obligations, by this I mean if we were in europe the father had the right to visit and he could pay for them to visit him .But he could not prevent me from taking them if I were accompaning my husband. the law differs from state to state and case to case.
The mother should not have  to choose between accompaning her husband or staying to be with her child. her place is with her husband and he is doing what he is ordered by his duty to the govrnment.unless she is an unfit mother the child should be with the mother.That is heartbreaking for the father but if he wants whats best for the child it is to  be with the mother. no matter how much more can be provided by anyone else, a loving mother is vital to a childs sense of self and mental stability. Divorce IS a result of our fallen world. people do not commit to honoring their vows or putting their children's welfare first. a loving father continues to support his child and do whats right by Gods laws and mans , even though brokenhearted. He will be rewarded if not by man but by God.
One thing i have learned, grandparents have no rights unless they are granted by the parents. unless the parent is proven unfit.or in jail or on drugs or dead. believe me i know. if my child is mad at me i dont see my grands. all i can do is cry and pray.