Thursday, June 19, 2008

Me and my babies

Yep there they are, taller than me, much taller than me I guess!  I never noticed that so much till I looked at the picture!  They are so excited to be graduated and to be going on to college.  John has less than two months before he moves and Josh will be right behind him.  I am starting to get used to the idea and starting to realize that I just might be able to enjoy my free time!  I just might be able to lose that weight that I am fighting so hard to lose when I don't have to make dinner (well teenage boy kind of dinners!)  every night.  I would be happy with grilled talapia or chicken breast.  Not these boys, they want all the calorie filled carb filled stuff they can get!   And when they come home next spring they will say "where is my mom?"  I will be so skinny they won't recognize me.  LOL ummmm yea I bet.

I keep forgetting to tell you my miles for the weeks like I said I would.  I know I am forgetful sorry.  This week we did 4 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, 4 today, fridays are off and then Saturday we do 8!! I can't believe we are already up to 8 miles.  I will have to take some pics of me and Brenda in trianing so you all can see us.  Brenda is my friend that talked into doing this with me.  I think she is regretting saying she would!!  She is doing a really awesome job though.  And she is doing great on her fundraising!  She has over $900 in her bank already.  Way to go! I just got home from doing my miles a little bit ago.  I have to wait till after work to do my miles except on the weekends.  I really prefer to do them in the morning and wish I didn't have to be to work so early or I would get up and do them before work.   But I have to be there by 6 so there just isn't the time! Well I need a shower so I am off to do that!


imgr8phil said...

Who is that beautiful lady between the two twins?  ; )


lv2trnscrb said...

fantastic picture, Linda!! They are handsome, and of course, you are gorgeous!!

that is one of the advantages of not having the teens around; we are eating healthier with less junk food; I found myself buying my son's favorite foods, of course, he wasn't home to eat them so guess who did and who didn't need the fattening ones? We do the same, barbecue some meat, make a veggie and salad and that's dinner

it will be okay; at least you know they'll be coming back home for visits, etc; wishing them much success!


ashleekr said...

They are sooooooooooo cute - and you look GREAT and HAPPY!

frankandmary said...

I see a very proud beautiful mother & two hot guys. Wait. I am 43. Uhm, errr.  They are cute little boys.....;-0 ~Mary

ekgillen said...

Great pic!  What handsome men they are!!! :)