Monday, June 2, 2008


I just love this picture !  It was made out of cherries!  Sue made it when she was out with her Mom and Aunt and took a picture of it.  I love it!  I can't believe that is how far we ran!

This is the whole Michigan team that went to Traverse city to run the marathon.  It was so much fun having a large team to run with.  It kept you motivated as you were running to hear someone else going by yelling "GO TEAM"  It really was alot of work to finish the marathon but it was so very rewarding to finish it!  All the fund raising (which is by far the most difficult part of it!) and training is worth it! 

Here is Sue and I finishing!  Yes that is a beer in our hands!  Sue ran the last 12 miles with it in her pocket!  A man sitting outside his house along the course gave us  each a beer and we shared one and she carried the other one so we could open it as we were finishing.  She also dumped it over my head when we crossed.  I didn;t know that was coming but, it felt good!  I was so hot and tired.  My hands, feet and face were all swollen and burnt!  But like I said, worth it!

I have already signed up to run another one.  This one is in October in San Francisco and to make it even better, I have gotten a friend (Brenda) to do it with me.  I will be making new donation letters and I have a new web site!  Why am I doing another one???  BECAUSE WE STILL DON'T HAVE A CURE!!!!  I will continue on with my mission until a cure is found! 



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lv2trnscrb said...

send me your new web site when you get it up and running, Linda; I will continue to support your efforts in helping fund research to find a cure

great picture of you and Sue!! you guys should be proud of your accomplishments!! and if you ever find a marathon in the San Diego or Orange County area for a worthy cause, and if you can sign up for it, I'll be there to support you in person!!