Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First college cross country meet

So after the funeral Kristen and I drove to Grand Valley so we could see Josh's first college cross country meet.  Josh is "red shirted" which means that he basically a fresman and his time and place is not used in the calculation of the race.  There are over 40 boys on the team and Josh came in 12th for his team, which is AWESOME!  He may get to wear one of those Grand Valley jerseys this year!  They are only allowed to compete for a certain number of years in college, and Josh is in a 6 year program so the longer he is "red shirted" the longer he will be able to be on the team.  Does that make sense to anyone but me?  I am not very good at explaining it although I understand it.  It was so good to see him looking so happy.  He really does like it there.

This is at the finish of his race and that is his high school coach who wanted to come see him run his first race.  I think that was awesome that he would be there for Josh.  The team had a cook out for all the parents and family and friends that showed up for the meet so we were able to eat with Josh also.  That was nice.  I hated to leave him again, but I think that is what life is going to be about now.
After Josh's race and the dinner, Kristen and I drove to Muskegon to see my girlfriend, Linda.  We didn't get there till late so we didn't do much but sit up and talk till late that night.  We went out to see Lake Michigan Friday morning.  Kristen had never seen it before and she just loved it!  We did a little bit of hiking though some dunes and walked in the water a bit.  It was COLD!  We had a great time but didn't get to stay long since Linda had to work and we had to get home.  We want to go back up there and camp next summer, they had an awesome camp ground that was in the state part, right on Lake Muskegon.  I can't wait for that trip!


lv2trnscrb said...

great pictures!!! I think I understand what you said about Josh and being red-shirted; great for him doing so well at the meet and I think it was neat that his coach came up to see him!!!


marainey1 said...

I'm glad your son is doing well and is happy.  That makes a difference when they are in college.  I think Lake Michigan is colder than Lake Erie which is what I'm closer to.  We camped years ago in a State Park by the lake and it was nice.  I'm glad you had some happier times on the way home.  'On Ya' - ma

imgr8phil said...

By the looks of it, it does look cold in the water.  Sounds like you had a pretty good time.  Take care and have a good Thursday.