Monday, September 1, 2008

where have I been??

Yep, its a residence hall.  I saw way to many of these in the past few weeks.  My life has been totally crazy for the past two weeks, I am amazed that I have survived it.  But I did and I am here to tell about it!
On the 17th I took Josh off to Grand Valley.  I thought I was going to not make it through it but I did.  I left knowing he had everything he needed and that he was happy where he was.  Cried like a baby all the way home but hey it was done.
On the 18th I took John off to Central.  Tough tough tough!  But he loved it there too.
I only needed to make it through work on the Friday and I would be on vacation for a week!  I thought it was going to be such a wonderful week. 
It all started on Sunday night.  I had enjoyed Friday night and Saturday and all day Sunday at the camper with our friends and family.  Sunday night my SIL had a bit to much to drink and fell going into her camper and messed up her nose, her lip and her chin.  It was a mess.  Long story behind all of that with the drinking.  I got up out of bed and went over there to help her.  Finally got her into bed and went back to my own camper.  My phone started ringing.  It was my cousin telling me that my Uncle had passed away.  So now I knew I would be traveling to a funeral for my vacation. 
My step daughter and I left on Wednesday.  There was viewing on Wednesday night and the funeral was on Thursday.  I took Kristen by the house that my grandma lived in and where I spent many of my weekends in the summer when she was alive.  It was very strange seeing the house again.  It looked so run down it made me a little sad. 
My aunt and uncle have owned cottages on the lake for ever since I can remember.  The cottages were made available for family to stay in so that we would be able to be close to the funeral home.  I have always loved their house and those cottages.  I spent alot of time there when I was growing up.  My aunt and uncle lived closed to my grandma but my mom and my other aunt had moved closer to Detroit, about 3 hours away from grandma.  I know the occasion was sad but I really loved seeing and staying it those cabins again.  My uncle had been in ICU for about six weeks before he passed and I think he was in pain, so his passing was almost a blessing.  He knew the Lord and he is in heaven now, so he has no pain anymore.

Cabins on the lake!

Lake during the day.

Lake in the early morning while I was sitting on the bench drinking coffee.

After the funeral they had a luncheon.  It was very nice.  My cousin, Mary, invited us over to her house after also.  I had been to Mary's house last year for my uncles 80th bday party.  ( I know there is an entry about that in here somewhere)  Her house then was amazing, but they had a new house built this past year.  It is in the same sub division as the other one but this new house took my breath away!  Kristen kept saying "this is my dream house!"  LOL!  Mary is the sweetest girl alive and I can't think of anyone who deserves such wonderful things more than her.  Even Kristen told me that she always thought rich people would be snotty but Mary and Tim were sooooooooo nice.  I couldn't agree more.  Here is a picture of the new house.

Well Kristen and I decided to make the most of a sad time and go on a little "mini-vacation" for a few days.  I will post more about that tomorrow!


imgr8phil said...

The lake looks nice and serene.  Sorry to hear about your uncle.  Hope you have a good week.  Take care.


lv2trnscrb said...

what a beautiful house!! I was wondering what you were up to Linda, I knew the kids were off to college, but wasn't sure what else was going on with you; sorry to hear about your uncle's passing, but I'm so thankful he knew the Lord!!

I hope your boys have an awesome college experience!!

can't wait to hear more about your mini vacation


marainey1 said...

I hope your mini vacation was a good one !  My sympathies to you at your loss.  No time is ever a good one and death doesn't stop for holidays.  May your uncle rest in peace.  'On Ya' - ma

linnpooh said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Linda, it's so hard when these things any time. You weren't too far away from me at Grand Valley....maybe 45 minutes or so!!! Central is a bit further, but, we could have met. We'll have to plan it someday.
The house is beautiful and I can' wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

Pooh Hugs,

stetsonsfyre said...

Sorry I'm so late with getting to my journal alerts :(  I'm sorry about the passing of your Uncle... the cottages look so comfortable!  That big house is beautiful but I'd hate to have to clean the windows LOLOL.  Blessings* Teresa

cvgflydis said...

That house is awesome! I would love to see the inside, the layout! How incredibly cool!
Sorry about your uncle...It's always sad, no matter the age...

Hope you are holding up dealing with the boys going off to school. How exciting for them...!