Monday, September 8, 2008

I don't mean to be pushy

I don't mean to be pushy but I am begging!  I am so far behind in my fundraising, it's making me a little nervous.  So if you would like to check out my page to decide if you would like to help I would appreciate it so much!  If you would like to help me and pass this along or post it in your journal that would be great appreciated also.  Even a dollar will get me closer to my goal.  Thanks Linda


lv2trnscrb said...

good luck with it, Linda (I think I made one already for this time around, I'm trying to remember; if I didn't, let me know, I get confused in my old age :)

I read in the paper yesterday how local charities have had to start being more creative with fundraising since times are tough; they are trying to think of new approaches for raising money instead of the usual golf tournaments or walks; no one had found a winning combination yet to motivate people to give

have you tried the spare change in jars? like if departments at your place of work would allow you to put up a jar for a few days for people to throw loose change into? just a thought; I know companies frown on fundraising at work too

good luck; hugs to you because it is for SUCH a worthy cause


marainey1 said...

You are doing a wonderful thing raising money for such a worth while cause.  I'm afraid with my limited budget all my charity money is spent.  I give most everything I can to 1. My church and our St. Vincent de Paul society for the poor 2. The central Ohio Epilipsy Foundation, and 3. the Poor Clare Nuns who survive strictly on other peoples donations.  If I ever come up with some extra,  I'll make sure to remember your cause.  'On Ya' - ma

stetsonsfyre said...

I wish I could afford to send you a donation...thing is that C and I make a donation once a year to the Scottish Rites Childrens Hospital in Dallas (because of her Nephew (he was born with a brain tumor and is handicapped, S.R. is where the Shriner's take care of him) and for her Niece <who was hit and murdered by a drunk driver when she was 7> and with that coming up there isn't any to spare, I'm sorry!  I will put a plug in my journal though and try to do it that way... you know my wishes and Blessings are with your group though I hope.  Hugz* Teresa

crazybabygirl716 said...

hello! how are you? seems like forever since ive been to jland and read your journal or heard from you. hope everything is going well your way... what is your goal and how far away from it are you? Hope it all works out for you!