Friday, September 26, 2008

Is it true?

Ok I am wondering.....if you consider yourself a democrat or if you vote democrate mean that you are not a Christian?? 


lv2trnscrb said...

no; I hadn't heard that before, but I think I know where you might have gotten this from

being Christian is NOT tied to a political party

being Christian is ACCEPTING Jesus as your Lord and Savior; acknowledging you are a sinner, asking Jesus to forgive your sin, knowing that Jesus died for your sins, knowing and believing Jesus is THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN :)


my3gifts said...

I don't think being a Democrat or voting for a Dem does or doesn't make you a Christian. I do think though that as Christians we must look at our politicians through our convictions as Christians and if they are advocating and stand for things that are against what we're told from the bible we can not possibly vote for them.

my3gifts said...

I should have also added that I think there's a difference in a Liberal Democrat, A middle of the Road Democrat, and a Conservative Democrat. Liberal Democrats, with everything I've studied do not follow the way we're instructed in the bible.  Most that I've done my research on are pretty well anti-Christian in their actions and words. I think we have to look at what the bible says about the antiChrist as well and some will think I'm crazy, but we know he'll come from Muslim ancestory.

imgr8phil said...

That is such a silly question.  If being conservative, meaning, starting unnecessary wars, spedning to oblivian, rewarding the rich and sticking it to the poor, makes you a christian, then I'd be the most liberal of democrats and wouldn't care.  Don't ever fall for anyone saying that a so called good christian votes for one particular party over the other.  It's just not true.  To me, most of these politicians are all for themselves and really could care less about the people they represent.  So whoever told you that voting for a democrat would make you a non christian is a warped moron to say it lightly.  Have a good weekend.


cuteallison1980 said...

I'm a democrat and I am christian and if anyone wants to tell me I'm not then those people are not christian since it is not to them to judge.  Have a happy weekend. : )


luvrte66 said...

I second what Phil wrote!


linnpooh said...

I'm a Christian and although I'm supporting John McCain in this election, I voted for Bill Clinton the first time he ran (although not the second), and I also voted for Al Gore (but voted for President Bush his 2nd term). I'm voting for McCain, but do not think that anyone who votes for Obama is a bad person with no values and anti-Christian, NO WAY! I don't buy into the nonsense that if you vote Democrat you must not be a Christian, non patriotic, or have any family values. My Daddy is a dyed in the wool Dem and he is the best Christian man with values that I know, and he proudly served his country in WW2. Just the same, because I'm voting Republican, do not assume that I support everything on their platform, hate gays, or don't support human rights. Do not assume anything about me by my vote (not You, Linda, just people in general!!). I believe that Jesus died on the cross to give me salvation from sin, and I pray to God daily. But any issues or causes I support will be taken up with Him when I stand before him someday to examine the kind of life I have lived....I don't have to answer to, and will not be judged by, the severe right wing or far leaning left wing believing people in this country. I say they all need to go home, and worry about their OWN house. :)  Gee.....maybe I should tell you how I feel next time! LOLOLOL!!

Love & Pooh Hugs,