Monday, June 18, 2007

50th anniversary party

Mark's parents 50th anniversary was the biggest party that I had to arrange.  There were alot of people here that I really didn't know since they were friends of my inlaws that I had never met.  But I met them all at this party!  The party was a huge success.  This past Saturday (June 16th) was acutally thier 51st wedding anniversary.  We had thier party on June 9.  We didn't plan anything last year when it was acutally thier 50th cuz we knew that they would not come.   Mark's mom was adament that she did not want anything done for thier anniversary.  I am so glad that they were not upset.  We got them here by telling them it was Kristen's bday party.  We did celebrate that also since the family had not celebrated it yet, just Kristen and her friends.  We had a pig roast and had lots of different sides to go with it.  We had the event catered.  It was very enjoyable.  I did get a little bit to tipsy at this event was fun. 

The food area.

The bar area

The pig.

Dad getting his corsage pinned on. 

Mom and my SIL Patty. 

Mom and Dad at the "head table"  We even clicked glasses and made them kiss when ever we did it!  It was great!

Look at all those hungry people!

It was really a good day.  Mom and Dad had a great time!



pixiedustnme said...

a little tipsy is sometimes a good thing when THAT much family is around ;-)

my3gifts said...

Oh that's so sweet and hey what a surprise when the party's a year later! ROFL! I love it!!!

ekgillen said...

What an amazing party!  Looks like a lot of work.  I bet you are glad it's over. :)