Friday, June 8, 2007

Lots going on

Here is a picture of me and my graduate!  He looks kinda silly in this pic though!

Here is a picture of him and his father! 

Here is a picture of the man that made Jeremy want to finish all of this!  That is Mark (my husband)  He gave Jeremy the encouragement to go for it and to let him know that he would help him. 

I want to say something here in my journal that I feel needs to be said.  I fear that I may have offeneded some people with my reference to the fact that Jermey went back to school and got his diploma versus his GED.  I do not feel that the actual diploma is better than the GED.  I am impressed with anyone who goes back to complete their education in any way possible.    The only reason that Jeremy decided to do get his diploma and not the GED is because of union specifications.  He needed his diploma.  I was not proud of the fact that he got his diploma just for the sake of getting his diploma, I was proud that he put in the extra hours to get the diploma so he could go on to what he wanted to go on to (plumbers apprenticeship)  I did not write what I wrote to offend you.  I wrote it as a matter of stating what was needed to be done in my son's case.  The "jealous" tag did not have anything to do with anyone who knew Jeremy in only a "acquaintance" type of way.  It was directed at people who knew Jeremy very well and told me to my face that he would never amount to anything, not just my face but to Jeremy's face as well.  If you have no idea where Jeremy works, w here he lives, who his girlfriend his, or any personal matters of his life (aside from what I reveal in this journal) right now then I was not referring to you.  If you haven't seen him in over a year, I was not referring to you!!  I am sorry if I offened you.  It was not my intention. 

Kristen has 5 of her friends here tonight for a slumber party for her birthday.  Tomorrow is the big party for my inlaws.  The pig will be delivered around 9 and the other food will come around 1.  Myinlaws will arrive around 3 and they have no clue this is going on.  "They thing they are coming for Kristen's party.  There will be close to 75 people here so I think once they pull up they will know something is going on!  I will post pictures sometime on sunday if I get the chance to do so.  Robbie's graduation ceremony is at 1 on sunday at compuware areana.  So the whole weekend is hugely busy.

Well time to go!  Again sorry if you thought I was saying something bad about you!


pixiedustnme said...

I hope you have a great weekend - you're going to be SO busy!

jckfrstross said...

no worries not offended here:) just glad he went back and got his diploma he will never regret it. enjoy your weekend


bookncoffee said...

I know you are proud for Jeremy.  

As far as offending people:  I have found that it is virtually impossible to speak or live or just sit there....w/o offending somebody.  LOL  I'm in HR and can offend people by doing nothing, so I'm a little "over it" by now I guess and just do my own thing and say my own thing.  I'm me and while I don't purposely go out and bowl people over with words that hurt, I do speak what I feel if I feel it necessary to do so.  And everyone knows where I stand usually, but those who know me, know where I'm coming from and respect that.  The others just have to have something to gripe about.  Which I feel they need more work to do when that happens. LOL.  Same for journals.  Just be yourself.  People don't have to read if they are easily offended.  

my3gifts said...

It stinks you even need to feel you should have to write why you're so proud of Jeremy going back to school vs getting his GED, yes both are work, but imo I think it was probably a more humbling experience for Jeremy or anyone who's dropped out of school to go back and actually graduate and get that diploma. You're truly going back and facing those who saw you make that choice (mistake) and say you were wrong,  without saying the words aloud. I'm sure a GED is no piece of cake, but it's a different experience. You have every right to be VERY proud of him and you have every right to brag on him.

Thank you for letting me (us) share in a special moment for your family.

God Bless

ekgillen said...

Congrats to the graduate!  You must be beyond proud!!!!

princesssaurora said...

Oh man... people really need to grow up!!!  Sheesh...  I am very happy for you and all of yours that celebrating!!!  You are going to be one exhausted lady come Sunday, so if you are late with pics... it is just fine!


be well,

mamadozier3 said...

You look really good in that picture. Jeremy has really become a man! And I can not believe he is a dad! I feel ooooooooolllllllllllddddddddddddddddddddd!!

mamadozier3 said...

Hahah...I just forgot something...your husband and I have the same birthday. I remember reading something in one of your entries about May 14th, same as mine!