Monday, June 18, 2007

Kristen's Bday party

Kristen turned 12 this year.  Such an odd age, not quite a teen but not a little kid anymore.  Wanting to be "grown up" but still wanting to be "the little girl"  You can defintly see that in Kristen.  When she is with her friends she wants to be grown up but with her parents she still wants to be the little girl!  Don't rush things Kristen.............your perfect just the way you are. 

Kristen had 4 of her friends stay the night for a slumber party.  They had a great time.  The hot tub was the favorite thing of the night I think.  They actually all went to bed fairly early, which surprised me!  But they did get up early on Saturday morning.  I made them scrambled eggs for breakfast but I think they liked the donuts better!  Here are a few pics from the evening.

Blowing out the candles.

Opening presents.


Most of the pictures that were taken were taken with the new camera phone that Kristen got from us for her bday.  I have no idea how to transfer pics from the camera to the computer so these few that I took with my camera will have to do!  I constantly hear the click of her camera phone going off now!  She has pictures of everything in our house I think.  Kinda funny!



pixiedustnme said...

sure, you got her a camera phone - but what else did she get?  anything good?  anything I want to play with??

my3gifts said...

She looks soooo happy! I agree 12 is definately an odd age...just as you described! I agree I hope she takes it slow...once you're grown up there's no going back.

ekgillen said...

Great pics!  I remember how "GROWN" I thought I was at 12! :)