Monday, June 18, 2007

Robbies graduation day

Robbies graduation was a big production.  Jeremy's class only had like 80 people in it but Robbies had over 400.  Jeremy and Robbie did not graduate from the same school because we moved and Jeremy went back to school at the high school that he had orginally attended.  Robbie moved out here with my husband, who at the time was my boyfriend,  when he started 9th grade.  I didn't want him to have to change high schools once he had started.  School was hard enough for Robbie without having to do that.  I stayed living in my home till December (Christmas Eve of 2003 to be exact)  My home had not sold yet and I wanted John and Josh to be able to finish jr. high where they had started it.  It turned out that I moved sooner than intened and we all moved here December 24, 2003.  I drove John  and Josh back from January till June.  I worked near their old school (still do) so it wasn't a  horrible thing but having to wait after work for 2 to 3 hours so they could practice or participate in games and they drive home made for a really long day for all of us.  Thank goodness it only lasted 5 months.  John and Josh started high school here and they will graduate from here also.

Robbie always struggled with school.  He has never been athletic like the twins but he really enjoyed band and drama.  It was like pulling teeth to get him to graduate.  I was so happy to see him finally walk across that stage!  I think a big sigh of relief was given by all who struggled with him and I am sure the biggest sigh came from Robbie himself!!

Huge class!

Look Mom I did it!!!

Mark and Robbie.

Me and Robbie.

I am so proud of this boy!  It was a great struggle for him but he did it!



pixiedustnme said...

wow!  that IS a huge crowd!  congrats to both the boys - I'm sure they worked hard and it's a big accomplishment!  (and what's up with you?  no posting for almost a week and then BAM :-))

my3gifts said...

That's sooo wonderful! Two boys down, two to go, and of course 1 girl down! :)
I can't imagine graduating with 400 people! I graduated with 54, definately more Jeremy's size!! Praying for his future what ever he decides to do.

mamadozier3 said...

That is great Linda!! I never knew Robbie had trouble with school. I have always though of him as a "Book Worm" type....2 grads in one year...again with the twins next year right? WOW....this is moving way too fast even for me and I am not their mom!!! How do you do it?

ekgillen said...

How proud you must be.  What a long graduation!  My class had like 300 people in it and the ceremony took forever!!!

princesssaurora said...

Congrats Robbie!!!  yay for you!

be well,