Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I just love this tag!  A new tagger made it for me and I love it.  I will post a link to her site on my sidebar so you can all enjoy her work.

My week has been so busy.  I wish I was able to post more and keep you all update a little more often but it just doesn't seem to happen, unless I have days off.  Which is what happened tonight.  I didn't have to work at the resort tonight since it was storming.  They gave us all the night off so I am able to make a post!  YEAH!

My BIL gave me a disc with LOTS of pictures on it from Jeremy's graduation party.  I wanted to post some of these awesome pictures of Aiden on the slip and slide and I can't figure out how to put the pictures from the disc onto my computer!  That makes me so mad!  I will have to scan the ones that he printed out for me so you can see a few of them.  They are great.  Aiden had so much fun on that slip n slide. 

I am not going to be able to see him this weekend since his mom has a family reunion to go to.  Jeremy will be getting him Friday night and staying at Manda's till Saturday early afternoon and then he will be taking him  home.  I am going to pick him up on Sunday night though.  He is going to stay with me Sunday night and Monday night.  I am off work for 5 days!!  I can't wait.  I need the time off and we are going to go camping at a new campground that we have not been to before.  I am looking forward to that.  Aiden will love it.  They have all kinds of things for little ones.  He loves to swim and they have a lake there also.  Five days of sleeping in is going to seem like Heaven. 

We went to my nephews graduation party Saturday.  We had a really good time.  My sister from Florida was there so I was happy to see her.  We are going to be seeing alot more of her this summer than we are used to since we have so many family functions this summer.  That is a good thing.  Maybe we should plan all these things every year so she will have to come home more often.  I hate not seeing her even more so now that my older sister passed away last summer.  It will be a year in July.  Time flyes by so quickly. 

Tonight I went for a little spin on  my yacht (my paddle boat LOL) and it was awesome.  There were no other people or boats out on the lake so I had it all to myself.  Got in a good leg workout.  I wish I was able to get out on that thing more often.  It really does work your legs when you are out there by yourself.

Mark is getting the camper ready to leave.  He will be taking the camper to the new campground tomorrow night.  His brother is going to help him.  I have to get all the food and things ready to go tomorrow night and then Friday when we get home we will pack it all up and head to the camper.  I will not be near a computer for those five days so I hope you all don't miss me to much!  I will be having a good time though.

Next weekend (the 7th) is Robbie's graduation party. ( Lenise you should come to this)   I am excited that this is the last party that I will have to host this summer!  We still have more that we have to attend but it will be the last one that we have to have here.  Although Manda wants to have her bday party here again this  year.  That shouldn't be big on me though.   They are old enough to do it themselves.  I could go camping that weekend~ I think that would make my daugther mad if I wasn't here.

Well I guess I should get myself ready to go to bed.  I really need to get myself some more rest these days.  I went to bed at 8 last night and slept though the night without waking up.  That much sleep in one night tells me I need to get an extra hour a night.  At least a half hour earlier would be good to!  Night night!


jckfrstross said...

have a great weekend:) enjoy your camping trip


ekgillen said...

You are a busy woman!  Have fun camping!!
Love those tags!!

mamadozier3 said...

I haven't told Bruce that you and I are talking again, he's not going to care but things have been crazy this week for me with my finals and the girls softball. We have all next week off thank goodness! I have a fear of coming out to your house only because I don't want to make your kids feel uncomfortable...I miss all of them. Amanda sure has changed! She's a "Wild one" huh? LOL. You did a great job raising those kids all by yourself! My hat goes off to you!!! I will get with Bruce and see if he is game on the graduation party for Robbie...Bruce and Mark might hit it off as friends too!! YEAH!! Thanks for the invite!

siennastarr said...

Don't feel bad Linda..  I don't update as often as I should either.  At least when you do leave an entry, you have plenty to talk about! :)

I hope you have a great time camping!  I love to camp.. as long as I don't have to sleep on the ground, and it's not to hot or cold wherever I go! lol  Perfect much?? hee


pixiedustnme said...

busy, busy, busy!  slow down and enjoy yourself woman!

princesssaurora said...

Sounds like you are busy but with all good happy things!  Yay!  Enjoy your time away in the camper!!!

be well,