Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tonight is graduation!

I am off work today!  I got to sleep in today and it was wonderful.  Aiden spent the night with my husband and I.  His mother is in Florida.  Manda will be taking him tonight to spend the night at her house.  He loves to spend time with his Auntie Danda!  Speaking of Manda, she is all moved in and loves having her own place.  I will be seeing her in just a few hours since we are all going to Jeremy's graduation together. 

Mark and I are going to a dinner that is before the graduation ceremony.  Everyone else will be coming to just the ceremony.  I am so proud of this boy for going back to school and finishing his high school education.  He actually went back and got the diploma and not just his GED.  He will be graduating with the 2007 HP High School graduates.  I was heart broken when he dropped out of school his senior year so that he could work full time to take care of his son.  I think he realized fairly quickly that not having that diploma was a bad thing.  Now he is going to be able to get into the plumbers apprenticeship program with my husband!  He is very proud of himself for finishing this up.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

I took Robbie today to apply for a car loan.  He was approved for the loan and is very excited about looking for a car.  Of course the first vechicle he saw was the one he wanted but I wouldn't let him do that.  He needs to look around a bit before he decides.  He will be using some of his graduation money as a down payment.  He has his graduation party on the 7th of July.  Jeremy's is the 16th of June.  Robbie will be starting college in the fall at LCC. 

Well Aiden is ready to take his nap and I need to start getting some more laundry done and then get ready for the graduation. 

Have a great day.

Thank you Donna for this awesome tag!


my3gifts said...

Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful night! It's really great and you have every right to be proud that he went back to school!

kidzmakeucrazy said...

what a cute tag, good for your boy.  Have agreat time.

jckfrstross said...

Congrats to your boy:) good for him in going back and getting the diploma he will never regret it. take lots of pictures


ekgillen said...

Congratulation to the graduate!  You must be sooooo proud momma!!